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different goals, different approaches

naghashyan solutions

fast. balanced. maintainable

fast. balanced. maintainable

  • Web based platform that combines high quality music services with a user community built around the passion to the music. It is developed and maintained by our company from its start.
    E-Commerce is one of the main specialization of our company. We trust Shopware: e-commerce platform that synthesizes German quality with modern web standards.
  • Technologies

    Instead of positioning our company and the team as a young, innovative and motivated we highlight the fundamental criteria for the solid software solutions:Fast, Balanced, Maintainable. We specialize into the following main technological niches: Large scale web systems, Hybrid mobile applications, E-commerce solutions, UX and Idea Visualization, Search and data indexing/retrieval solutions and others.
  • About us

    Our company provides wide range of services for software development and consulting.


    We are proud to share opinions of our partners regarding our team and the solutions we provide.
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different goals, different approaches
Our company provides wide range of services for software develop-
ment and consulting.
Nowadays, when there are tons of innovative and experimental
trends in software development, that are usually not well tested in
real production environment, it is difficult to choose right IT solution
for fulfilling business purposes of modern companies.
Thus, instead of positioning our company and the team as a young,
innovative and motivated ( tough we are so :-) ),
we highlight the following fundamental
criteria for the solid software solutions:
  • 1. Fast
  • 2. Balanced
  • 3. Maintainable
“I am pleased to write this feedback supporting upporting Naghashyan Solution founders: Zaven and Levon Naghashyans. I have only the highest praise. To have it short, both of them are extremely creative and smart, far beyond being just intelligent.”
“We've worked with the [Nagashyans] right from the very start of our project, when it was just a concept. Since then we've seen Keedgo grow into a cutting-edge software solution, now deployed on all platforms, web and mobile, in the afterschool industry in the US. Beyond their deep expertise and and hard work, I would especially like to mention their overall flexibility and agility. ”
“Working with Naghashyan it's been great. We had an excellent experience working with their team which has solid knowledge and work flow. They worked as a very good complement to our development company. We feel very satisfied with all the work provided.”
“Naghashyan Solutions is a team of extremely talented and modern developers with the services that go far beyond simple coding. They not only develop and launch websites and apps, but they explore each project in details to understand customers' requirements and help to find the most efficient way of implementation. If you pick Naghashyan Solutions as a supplier for your project you might be sure it is in safe hands!”
“We started working with Naghashyan in 2014, since then there has been no looking back. Over the past years Naghashyan has delivered our projects, with a mark of quality and transparency. I am very thankful for the responsive communication and teams commitment to the project. In Naghashyan we have a trustworthy and reliable partner. I will have no hesitation to recommend Naghashyan.”
“Naghashyan Solutions have worked on a number of web system projects for White Testing UK Ltd over several years. Their work on our web system has made a significant difference to our business. They helped build a system that both our clients and staff utilise, no issue is too much trouble for Zaven and his team. ”